PS5 community protests upcoming Xbox game

An upcoming Xbox game is outraging the PS5 community. (Image source: GIGA / fizkes, Getty Images)

PlayStation fans are up in arms about a recently announced Xbox project. The community feels betrayed by Hideo Kojima’s collaboration with Microsoft, and some PS5 users would like to prevent the release of the game altogether.

Hideo Kojima is one of the most popular creative minds in the entire video game industry. The creator of the Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding recently reported back in a short video message in which he teased a cloud-based project with Xbox Has. The PlayStation community reacted to the step outraged – the Kojima Productions studio tried to smooth the waves on Twitter.

Xbox instead of PS5: Hideo Kojima changes sides

PlayStation fans have gotten used to Hideo Kojima’s projects appearing on their platform. But that tradition appears to be changing with his forthcoming, as yet unnamed Xbox game.

Have a short video message Xbox and Kojima confirmed their partnershipwithout revealing too much of the game – but Microsoft’s cloud technology is probably decisive for the cooperation.

PlayStation fans are up in arms against Kojima game

The online reaction to the project’s vague announcement from PS5 fans hasn’t been particularly positive. Kojima Productions therefore felt compelled to write a statement on Twitter. In it, the studio confirms that Kojima Productions continues a good partnership with Sony is maintained.

But even this tweet has been criticized by many commentators. Fans express disappointment with Kojima’s cooperation with Xbox and are sad that they won’t be able to play the new game, because they don’t own an Xbox or your internet is not fast enough for streaming. The fierce reaction from fans fits with the online petition that was started back in 2021 with which gamers wanted to prevent the Xbox project – but apparently without success.

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