PS5: Apple Music is apparently coming to the Sony console

PS5: Apple Music is apparently coming to the Sony console

This photo was shared by Reddit user HOLYWARS1990.

Indications surfaced on the internet that Apple Music could hit the PS5 in the near future. So divided a Reddit users a photo in the Apple Music subreddit showing that he was offered the option to download the Apple Music app on the PS5.

During the attempt, however, the error message appeared: “This app can only be played on PS4”. It’s the standard error message the PS5 displays when an app is missing.

Apparently tests in the background

The British editors of Eurogamer then tried to get the command prompt through a main UK account, but this was unsuccessful. Only when a new account with the USA region was created did the message to download Apple Music appear – but after another attempt it disappeared again. This suggests that there is active testing in the background.

Apple Music is not unlikely to hit the PS5 as the service is already available on a number of other devices, including Samsung Smart TVs, Google Next, and Android. In addition, Sony recently announced a partnership with Apple through the PS5 owners six months of free access to Apple TV + obtain. Another partnership therefore sounds quite likely.

The announcement could be made soon: Apple is holding an event on Monday at which the company is expected to present new MacBooks. Support for Apple Music on the PlayStation may also be revealed there.

The latest news about the PS5:

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The PS5 was released in the US, UK, Europe and other key regions in November 2020 and has sold a million copies in the UK. This makes it the fastest-selling PlayStation console of all time in this region – despite the massive delivery problems.

It is expected that the stores will not have enough copies in stock until next year to be able to meet customer demand. More about the PS5 is summarized in our topic overview.

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