Project 007 from IO Interactive will be very different from the Hitman series

IO Interactive, the studio responsible for the Hitman series, has posted a list of vacancies related to Project 007, the studio’s next title. From the descriptions, the James Bond title will be a cinematic game with many videos.

At the moment, the studio is looking for a screenwriter who could help with “cut scenes with complex dialogue and characters.” In addition, the potential employee will have to work on “complex storylines and side scripts tied to the main action” and create “immersive dialogues.”

Judging by the description, the game will differ from the minimalistic approach that the studio used when creating Hitman: Agent 47 practically does not speak in the game, and cutscenes rarely last longer than a couple of minutes.

Project 007 will not repeat the existing James Bond stories. In addition, the agent’s appearance will not be based on prototypes from films. The platform list and release date are currently unknown, but IO Interactive CEO Hakan Arbak said the release won’t take place in the next few years. He also added that the game could be the beginning of a new trilogy.

Source: Io Interactive