PowerToys: Environment Variables app with better features in the works

In February 2022, the PowerToys team came up with the idea of ​​modernizing the environment variables on Windows. It’s also about making paths more readable, testing paths, or integrating filters.

The Windows App SDK is used for the display. There is still work to be done, however, and Clint Rutkas, one of the PowerToys bosses, took to Twitter today to ask for your ideas. “One idea was to show the final calculated value when the item is present in both the system and the user. Another question we have is whether users want a combined or tabbed view of the system and user environment. One affects the other.”

So you can help. A few days ago the environment variables were discontinued as a new tool for the 0.59 release. But moved to 0.60 today. There are probably still too many unanswered questions. What do you think, would it be necessary to modernize the environment variables? Added new or better features?

You can find out more at Twitter or GitHub.

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