PowerShell 7.3.0 was released as Preview 1

Briefly informed: PowerShell 7 received an update to version 7.3.0 Preview 1 yesterday. Many improvements have been made. Powershell.config.json is missing from Alpine Linux packages, which means that experimental functions are deactivated by default.

The release note is so extensive that I will only list a few points here.

  • Removal of duplicate remote server mediator code
  • Correction of PSVersion parameter version checks and error messages for PowerShell 7 remoting
  • The parser error messages have been corrected if the array has more than 32 dimensions
  • Using PlainText when writing to a host that does not support VT
  • Correct setting of $? for command expressions with redirects
  • Corrected the Max_PATH conditional check to handle long paths correctly
  • You can find the full list here: github.com/PowerShell/releases/tag/v7.3.0-preview.1

Info and download: