Powerbank: the best to buy in 2021

power bank

Energy is never enough, especially if more and more electronic devices are used on a daily basis. Here is a small guide to buying the best powerbanks on the market, divided according to the possible needs of users.

Charging your devices on the go is increasingly important. Despite the progress made by various manufacturers, many users always need an extra battery pack to deal with particular work or logistical situations. In this guide we move from the most capacious models, with support up to 65W for charging the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, to those fully integrated with the new iPhone models.

The most capacious power banks to charge more devices

If what you need is a very large powerbank, capable of recharging multiple devices at the same time and several times, the choice falls on the most performing models. The first is 30000mAh with two USB-A ports and one USB-C port (€ 36.99) while the according to, always of Baseus, is 20000mAh and also offers fast charging up to 65W (€ 49.99).

The most comfortable to carry around

For those looking for small dimensions and weights there is the PowerCore by Anker with 10000mAh and USB-A port (€ 23.99). This battery exterior is available in four different colors and is very easy to carry around.

The wireless and wired solution for maximum versatility

The most interesting solutions, however, are the wireless ones, especially if combined with a USB-C connector for fast charging. Thanks to these combinations, the PowerCore III from anchor offers 10000mAh, 18W fast charging via USB-C, a USB-A port and a Qi wireless charging pad. All enclosed in a small body, very versatile and proposed for € 39.99.

The power banks with the best iPhone integration

Finally, for users who need extra battery just to power their own iPhone we cannot fail to point out two different solutions: the MagSafe Battery Pack di Apple (€ 109) and the Magnetic Anker PowerCore, which however also supports charging via USB-C for previous iPhone models (€ 39.99).

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