Pokémon: The Snows of Hisui – Discover “On Azure Ice”, the first episode of the new animated series inspired by Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Nintendo

We already told you about it, the brand new Pokémon animated series inspired by Pokemon Legends: Arceusthe big hit of the beginning of the year on nintendo-switchhas just been released and its first episode entitled “Sur les glaces azurées” is available for viewing. Found below, this first episode focuses on the beginnings of the relationship between Alec and his Zorua who are the heroes of this new anime. Viewable on Pokemon TV (the app on nintendo-switch) and on Youtubethe animated series gives you an appointment next June 8 (i.e. in 3 long weeks) to discover the rest of the adventures of our two heroes. It should be noted that although this series is dubbed in English, French subtitles are automatically added to the episodes.

What do you think of this first episode? Wait next June 8 impatiently?

Watch the first episode of Pokemon: Hisui’s Snows on Pokemon TV and YouTube

The episode “On Azure Ice” opens the superb animated miniseries.

You can now watch the first episode of Pokemon: Hisui’s Snowsentitled “On the azure ice”, on Pokemon TV and the official Pokémon YouTube channel. Located in the vast region of Hisui, the series Pokemon: Hisui’s Snows tells the story of young Alec, raised with the belief that humans and Pokémon cannot live together. In this first episode, Alec returns to the Hisui area to visit his father. He then recalls the events that occurred in his childhood when he encountered a wild Pokémon in a snowy forest…

Revisit the past in the new Pokémon series: The Snows of Hisui! ️ ????️ In the Hisui region, we grow up believing that humans and Pokémon cannot live together. When Alec encounters a Zorua of Hisui, his vision of Pokémon is likely to be turned upside down!

As a reminder, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available from January 28, 2021. Read our full review HERE and the press review of the game is to be found in LA. See as well our videos in French of the title and all our previous news.

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