Pokémon – Shining Diamond: Find and revive fossils

Also in Pokémon: Radiant Diamond & Shining Pearl you can revive fossils and get rare Pokémon like Aerodactyl, Koknodon or Schilterus. We’ll show you here in a nutshell how you can find all fossils.

Go underground and find fossils

Before you go looking for fossils, you should get the exploration set and use it to unlock the underground. In the linked guide, we’ll tell you how it works.

Travel underground, because only here can you find fossils at archaeological sites. Pay attention to the glowing dots on the minimap or scan the area by briefly pressing R. You can find fossils in the excavation mini-game – but they are very rare. You can usually recognize them by their striking large shape and should concentrate on these little stones when digging out.

Fossils are significantly larger than other treasures.

Revive Fossils and List all Fossil Pokémon

You have unearthed a fossil and now want to revive it? Then you have to travel to Erzelingen and enter the mining museum. You can find the building directly above the Pokémon Center. Speak to the researcher at the reception counter on the right and give him any fossil.

You can now simply leave the museum and re-enter without waiting. Your fossil is revived and registered as a Pokémon in your Pokédex.

This is the mining museum in Erzelingen.

You can find these fossils and these Pokémon are behind them

You can dig up a total of seven different fossils underground. Below we list you all and tell you which Pokémon you will get as a result. Two of them are exclusive to Radiant Diamond or Luminous Pearl:

  • Altbernstein = Aerodactyl
  • Domfossil = Kabuto
  • Helixfossil = Ammonites
  • Claw fossil = Anorith
  • Head fossil = Coconut (found exclusively in Pokémon: Shining Diamond)
  • Tank fossil = Schilterus (found exclusively in Pokémon: Luminous Pearl)
  • Root fossil = Lilip

By the way, if you want to revive the fossils, you can take your time. Once you’ve picked them up, you’ll always have them with you in your bag and you can bring them to the mining museum in Erzelingen at any time.