Pokémon – Shining Diamond: Catch and evolve perchwa

Perchwa is also one of the rarest pocket monsters in Pokémon: Radiant Diamond & Shining Pearl. We’ll show you where the water Pokémon was found and how you can develop Baschwa so that you can get the mighty Milotic.

Location of perchwa in Pokémon: Radiant Diamond & Luminous Pearl

In search of perchwa you have to have the VMs strength and loosening up. That means, that you can only fish for the Water Pokémon in waters after achieving the sixth order. The watering hole where you can find perchwa can be reached automatically during the game when you travel to Blizzach. If you want to go there beforehand, you can do it as follows:

  • Travel to Elyses and head west to Route 211.
  • Enter the crater mountain at the end of route 211. With VM strength you can now move the large rock above and penetrate deeper into the cave.
  • Eliminate the prevailing fog with the VM loosening up and keep going until you reach the watering hole.
With a lot of luck you may find a perchwa in these waters of the crater mountain.

The aquatic Pokémon perchwa lives in these waters, however, it is very rare and only appears on four random fields. So you have to cast your fishing rod in every field and hope that a perschwa will take a bite. Either you succeed after a few attempts or you have to search all fields of the water. It is best to start in a corner and work your way in one direction field by field.

Catch perchwa faster

The chance of a perchwa is very low, but with a few tricks you can catch it faster. For example, it is advisable to to bring a Pokémon like Octillery or Shelllos first on your team when they carry items like “suction cup” or “sticky body”. This increases the chances of catching Pokémon while fishing.

It is also advisable to form a group with friends and look for a perchwa together. The four possible locations for the Water Pokémon are the same for all players in the group. You should also know that even an ordinary fishing rod is sufficient, to catch perchwa – the super fishing rod is not necessary.

Develop perchwa and get milotic

Perschwa evolves into Milotic, one of the best Water Pokémon in Diamond & Pearl.

Milotic is one of the most powerful Water Pokémon in the game and is therefore very popular. Perschwa evolves into Milotic, if you give him a beautiful scale to wear and initiate an exchange or by leveling up if the beauty value is high enough.

You can dig the Schönschnuppe underground, you exalt your beauty with a bitter growl, consisting of the berries Chiari, Manon, Pallm, Sinel, Wiki and Wunfru. You can check the level of Perschwa’s beauty in the report in the fifth tab.