Pokémon – Radiant Diamond: Get a secret gift

You can get great secret gifts in Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

You can also get secret gifts in Pokémon: Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl. Either you get bonuses over the internet or you can unlock them with codes. Find out here how you can activate the secret gift function and which codes and passwords are available.

Unlock “Secret Gift”

The function of secret gifts has long been established in modern Pokémon editions – Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl are no exception. You have two options to activate the secret gift function. These are these:

  1. Enter the “Jubelstadt TV” building in Jubelstadt and go to the 2nd floor. Talk to the producer, whom you can recognize by the stylish glasses. He will then ask you about your favorite TV show. Answer here with “EVERYONE HAPPY Wi-Fi CONNECTION” and so you can activate the secret gift option early on.
  2. Did you miss the producers in Jubelstadt, you can alternatively, grab the third medal in Schleieide. After that, secret gifts and codes will automatically be available in the menu.
Unlock secret gifts option
Talk to the producer to unlock secret gifts early.

Receive secret gifts over the Internet

Press Y to open the menu and select “Secret Gifts” from here. Your first option here is “Receive via the Internet”, which you can only use with an active internet connection – Nintendo Switch Online is not necessary, however. This is where gifts from the developers land that they make available over time. So you should always check back to see if there are any new secret gifts.

You can even pick up two presents until February 21, 2021. Once the Manaphy Egg and a platinum outfit for your character.

Use secret gift and get Manaphy Egg
You can use the function to grab your first secret gifts until February 21, 2021.

This is how you can redeem codes

The second option of the secret gift function allows you to enter codes or passwords. Incidentally, this also applies to bonuses that you receive, for example, as a pre-order or buyer of the digital version. These passwords are currently available:

  • 12 Flottbälle for owners of the digital version of Radiant Diamond or Shining Pearl (redeemable until February 21, 2021).
  • 100 Pokébälle for buyers of the “Shining Diamond & Shining Pearl”-Double packs (redeemable until February 21, 2021).

Further codes and passwords will be published in the future. We will update the list accordingly so that you can take advantage of all the bonuses.

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