Pokémon: Hisui’s Snows – Discover “Double Shade”, the latest episode of the new animated series inspired by Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Nintendo

The new anime series Pokemon inspired by Pokemon Legends: Arceus comes to an end after three episodes. In this last episode entitled “Double shade”, Alec and his Zorua will have to face a Pokémon baron, the specificity of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and will have to redouble their efforts to survive in the face of this great threat. This new episode can be viewed on Pokemon TV (the app on nintendo-switch) and on Youtube (see end of article) and should satisfy those who wanted to complete the loop initiated by this new animated series.

Find here “On the azure ice” the first episode

Find here “Blazing reflections on the snow” the second episode

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Find out what happened to the friendship between Alec and Hisui’s Zorua by watching the latest episode of the anime miniseries, “Double Shade.”

The third and final episode of the animated miniseries Pokemon: Hisui’s Snows is available on Pokemon TV and the official Pokémon YouTube channel. “Double Shade” follows the story of Alec who, despite his father’s advice, befriends Hisui’s Zorua. Log in to find out if humans and Pokémon can begin to learn to live together in the Hisui region.