Persona 5 Royal, a Nintendo Switch version alongside Xbox / PC releases?

It came as a huge surprise to fans of the Atlus saga during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase last week, Persona 5R has finally been released from the clutches of Sony and its exclusive contract.

However, if the news is very good for owners of Xbox consoles or PC players, the official site of the game and the various information that we had been able to recover did not seem to indicate a Nintendo Switch version, to the chagrin of players who nevertheless claim the game more and more since the arrival of Joker, the game’s protagonist, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

A glimmer of hope could however be emerging since it has already happened in the past that cross-platform games reserve a special place for a reveal during a Nintendo Direct, thus keeping the surprise until the end (Life Is Strange for example).
It is therefore through a listing by a German trading site called World of Gamesthat a product sheet for Persona 5 Royal has been seen for Nintendo Switch.

Be careful, however, this does not confirm anything 100%, it has already happened that product listings are made on e-commerce sites in advance without anything happening in the end. But it is quite curious to note that an official box-art is present on the page, unless it is a montage.

Answer very soon in a Nintendo Direct which is long overdue…