Overwatch major updates : Player endorsement, Finding groups, other social features

Symmetra work for Overwatch is finally rolling out. Maybe now all those salty teammates hurling anatomically impossible obscenities at you because you picked Symmetra on attack will finally stop.

Maybe now you’ll actually get lauded for your pick, or even better, get endorsed.

So, what is Endorsement ???

Player Endorsement in Overwatch

As explained by Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan in the latest Developer Update video, Endorsement is a new feature that allows you to essentially reward a fellow player – this can be a teammate or an opposing player in some cases – for their behaviour in the game.



More about it…….

At the end of a round, you will be able to pick one of three categories to endorse a player in:

  • Sportsmanship
  • GoodTeammate
  • and Shot Caller.


somebody just being an all-around good person in the game – is the only category in which opposing players can be endorsed

Shot Caller

It is given for those players who managed to effectively lead your team with solid communication, coordination and tactics.

Good Teammate

Well,…Good Teammate is for someone who is a good teammate


The amount of endorsements you can dish out per game will be limited to avoid spamming.

Social Feature

Getting added to somebody’s “Avoid as Teammate” list though – another social feature Blizzard introduced previously – will completely wipe out your current endorsement levels.

On the other hand,

Those players who consistently maintain a high endorsement level will see themselves getting some proper rewards for their efforts.

Looking for groups

Not many news are still on this feature. But Overwatch players are not so long from reveal of this feature .




Which player will get what and when is Still not confirmed. We will be obviously looking forward to any news from Kalpan.

Comment below your thoughts on this news . And your expectations and predictions ..

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