Overwatch 2: the closed beta ends, see you on June 16 – News

These tests are an essential part of the Overwatch improvement process.“, gets carried away Aaron Keller, the director of the game, who says “look forward to evolving the game through lessons (…) learned from the beta“. Beyond the usual thanks, the game’s development team recently made a name for itself by sharing its feelings on the tool set up for “ensure representation within Activision Blizzard King games” when designing new characters. A scale that the publisher widely promoted a few days ago, without suspecting that the supposedly innovative process was once again going to cause him harm.

Several developers on the team have also stepped up to mock this methodology on the basis of very confusing, chosen algorithms “to limit unconscious bias“, dixit. Depending on origins, age, skin color or even sexual orientation, a certain number of diversity points are thus allocated, as evidenced by one of the images illustrating Obviously, being a middle-aged Egyptian like Ana automatically grants you 26 points, with 4 bonus points for losing an eye in battle.

Character Artist on the series, Melissa Kelly was so choked to see “(his) own company to do everything possible to annihilate all the best will of the developers“, while revealing that the Team 4 in charge of development did not use “this scary dystopian tableau“, relying instead on another equally powerful tool to account for diversity: his eyes.

In the face of the outcry, the offending blog post was subsequently edited extensively, with the editor regretting any offense the original article may have caused. Some will say that the company, which has multiplied missteps in recent years, could have saved itself a new release of this kind.