Overwatch 2: Seasons promise more content

from Philip Sattler
When Overwatch 2 hits the live servers on October 4th, 2022, it will take the classic path of most games as a service titles and integrate seasons into the game. In the hero shooter, new seasons mean three things in particular: new maps, new skins and above all – new heroes!

What worked quite well in Overwatch 1 at the beginning didn’t go very well in the end. Launched with a lot of heroes, the players also got regular refills in terms of characters and new maps in the first few years. At the latest with the announcement of Overwatch 2 more than three years ago, it was the end of the field. Echo was the last new hero over two years ago. And even then it was clear that it would stay that way until Overwatch 2 was released.

With the switch to a seasonal model, the developers now want to ensure that there will never be such a content lull in Overwatch again. Already at launch we will get three new heroes and six new maps. The latter is mainly related to the new game mode “Push”. That sounds pretty good so far. But how does it look afterwards?