Outriders: How to get Level 50 Gear or Weapons

Outriders: How to get Level 50 Gear

So when you play through the game, the gear is based on your level and it’s also based on your world tier as well. So if you hover over your world tiers you’ll see that it says Dropped Item Level: +10 so that means you can get items that are plus 10 of your current level. If you are on level 30 and playing on a World Tier that gives you +10 items (World Tier 13) you could get up to level 40 gear and weapons. And if your are playing on World Tier 15 it will give you level 40 gears.

how to get level 50 gear or weapons in outriders

But you can’t get gear that is beyond that level. So how do you get level 50 gear and weapons.

After you beat the game, the World Tiers just becomes irrelevant. After you beat the game the Expedition Levels start to matter. But these Expedition challenge levels only work in Expeditions. It has nothing to do with the World Tiers or anything.

How to get Level 50 Gear in Outriders

To get level 50 gear in Outriders you will need to complete all the Expedition Tiers and get to Set Tier 15. It could take around 3 days to 2 weeks to complete. There you can see your Enemies and Loot lvl will reach 50 and then only Bailey is going to sell Level 50 gears to you and your crafter is going to allow you to upgrade your gear to level 50.

get level 50 gear in outriders

When you load up an Expedition you can change the bar to whatever tier you want and you’ll notice below that the Enemies and Loot lvl on the bottom right is going to be changing as you progress. The default for challenge tier is set to level 5 when you start expeditions and the loot will be level 37. This means everything you get throughout it will be level 37.

After you beat a level in Gold, Silver or Bronze it will ask for a little reward underneath it. And if you complete that and get that reward your Expedition Tier will upgrade to the next level. It will ask you to complete it at least Silver to be able to get to the next tier and you keep doing that you’ll be able to unlock these new tiers.

You’ll notice the Enemies and Loot level are increasing slowly. So at Tier 7 it will be level 40, at tier 8 the level will be 41 and at 9 it will be 42. This is how you keep leveling up your gear. And when you meet these tiers Bailey – your shopkeeper will be selling the level right here and your crafting guy (Dr. Zahedi) is also going to allow you to level up your gear up to that level. So to be able to get up to gear level 50 you’re going to have to go through all of these tiers up to Set Tier – 15 and then you can see it says Enemies and Loot level is reached 50.

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