Outriders: How to get Infinite Ammo on every Class

How to get Infinite Ammo outriders

This is a very short and simple guide that will show you How to get infinite ammo in multiple ways on every single weapon class in the Outriders.

I’m sure many of you guys are aware reloading absolutely sucks it especially sucks which is just going to make you lose a ton of damage the only class that has a really easy built-in way to mitigate this early on is the Technomancer.

Technomancer Infinite Ammo

Tier 1 mod that gives them 30 ammo on kill whenever the skill is up which is usually enough to just never have to reload but there’s also another mod that’s

Tier 2 that’s going to give you 40 ammo back whenever you kill an enemy. So if you’re playing Technomancer the Tier 2 mod ends up just being a bit better. But the crazy thing is that you can actually stack these mods as well in order to get 70 ammo on the kill but of course that’s only gonna work for Technomancer which in my opinion is already a privileged class as it is.

Trickster Infinite Ammo

The Trickster does have a similar mod. It’s not nearly as strong but if you’re insanely lucky and you happen to get the Legendary Corpo Suit Pants you can also get a Tier 3 Mod that’s going to give you 20 ammo per kill while twisted rounds are active. It is pretty strong but it’s quite literally only a third as good as what the Technomancer can get.

But these above 2 tricks only work for Technomancer and Trickster. Then what can we do to get infinite ammo on every class in Outriders?

Outriders: How to get Infinite Ammo in all Weapon Classes

One way to get infinite ammo in Outriders is by using Perpetuum Mobile which refills your magazine whenever you get a kill while having less than 35 bullets. Another simple way is to use Vein Ripper mod with the Vampiric mag which will practically give you infinite ammo just by killing the enemy with a headshot.

1. Using the Perpetuum Mobile Mod

outriders infinite ammo trick

The first method is using Perpetuum Mobile. This weapon mod is just an absolute charm. The way that it works is that killing enemies while your magazine is under 35 bullets it’s going to fully refill your magazine.

For eg: If you have a Magazine with 100 rounds and then you shoot 66 bullets so that you are only left with 34 bullets in the magazine. And if you get a kill while having 34 bullets or lower in the magazine it would completely fill up my magazine back to 100.

As you can probably tell this mod is incredibly good on classes where you otherwise can’t get ammo back consistently. Perpetuum Mobile mod is extremely consistent especially when you have guns such as LMGs. The only downside is that if you’re using a full automatic shotgun where it usually require a lot of rounds to kill enemies. You might run into situations where you are unable to kill something fast enough in order to get your ammo back.

If you’re looking for a very easy way to get ammo back which you can just stick to any weapon you get make sure to be on the lookout for Perpetuum Mobile.

Check all the Purple or Epic gears that you get because you definitely don’t want to skip out on this mod.

2. Using the Vein Ripper Mod in combination with the Vampiric mag

Outriders: How to get Infinite Ammo

Vein Ripper makes the situation where every time you land a critical shot like a headshot it’s going to apply Bleed. Well, it doesn’t seem that special itself but if you pair it with a Vampiric Magazine which gives you 50 ammo whenever you kill an enemy with Bleed you pretty much end up just having infinite ammo.

After using this mod with proper gameplay technique you will probably never have to reload again.

The only downside to this mod is if you’re using a Shotgun, you might have a hard time consistently applying Bleed. The reason is that the Shotgun headshots are super janky in Outriders. So I won’t recommend using it on a Trickster as this mod is not very consistent.

However, if you’re literally using any other gun type it should be super easy to just pop at least one headshot as there are tons of enemies.

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