Outriders: How to Farm Purple Gear [Easiest way]

outriders epic weapons farming guide

In this detailed guide, I’m going to show you the best way to farm Purple Gear as well as crafting materials in Outriders.

Now the first thing you’re going to need to do is progress into the game until you unlock Trench Town. Don’t worry you’ll reach Trench Town through the natural progression of the main missions in the game. So just keep going until it unlocks and then once you’re in trench town if you run forward and then go through some set of doors you’ll end up in a small bar.

There you will meet Noah Dembele and he will set you on a series of side missions known as ‘Hunts’. Hunts basically work like side missions. There are a total of 10 of these Hunts throughout the game. Hunts are the main thing we’re gonna use to really boost up our Purple or Epic Gear resources. Once you’re ready to start boosting and farming for these Purples you need to travel to the Wreckage zone which is the area after you reach Trench Town.

Outriders How to Farm epic Gear

Now the way this strategy works is very simple and you can apply it to any of the hunts. For the one in the Wreckage zone, travel to this area and then you can start the side mission by ‘examining the bones’ and this will start you on the Hunt. You can also track it to make it easier to find out exactly where you’re going from there you can pretty much just follow the marker down the tunnel and then enter into the next area where the hunt begins for the Oreyard Queen.

Outriders: How to Farm Purple Gear [Best way to get Epic Weapons]

The method for farming Purple or Epic gear in Outriders is quite simple. Start taking out enemies as quickly as possible. After you take out the Final boss you just need to let all of the enemies kill you. This will fail the mission for you but it’ll let you keep all of the stuff that the boss dropped. You then just keep grinding and repeating for as long as you want.

How to Farm Purple Gear in outriders

Playing at the highest world tier you are comfortable at will ensure you the best drops. However, you will save time playing on the lower tier but you won’t gain items that are quite as good. Keep on shooting all these monsters until the final boss in the area spawns. This should take you around two minutes.

Every time you take out a monster in a hunt they will guarantee 2 Purple drops. These drops will depend on their level and power based on what you already have.

More tips for Easy Farming resources in Outriders

Another extremely useful thing is that every time you grab a monster you’ll also unlock a ton of Titanium Shards which are a really rare currency. You can use this Titanium to upgrade your weapons in the game.

Additionally, because there are a ton of little ads and enemies running around they’ll also drop a decent amount of Greens and Blues which you can then dismantle for leather and iron.

Don’t use this Strategy too much

Although it is a really great strategy to unlock Purple or Epic gear/weapons at a very fast pace it’s not a great strategy for Leveling. After about 10 or 20 cycles which only takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes you will reach a point where a lot of the things you’re earning are no longer a higher level than what you already had. There’s definitely a sweet spot with how long you can do this before you actually have to go back and play the main storyline in order to level up and increase your world tier at a more quick pace.

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