OnlyFans will stop paying out in Russia. Now to the factory?

Adult content service OnlyFans will no longer be able to pay out money to Russian users. Their accounts will be frozen.

It is reported by the foreign publishing house Vice. A representative of OnlyFans said that the platform had been looking for ways to continue providing services to Russian users for several months. Unfortunately, all possible methods did not fit the security criteria of the service. At the moment, all accounts from Russia are in the freezing stage. Contributors who provide content have been asked to contact tech support for further guidance.

OnlyFans has already suspended its activities in our country. In February 2022, the platform’s support service received messages that the authors could not withdraw funds due to a regional restriction. The problem was solved after a month. At the moment, the company noted that the restrictions are not related to the place of residence of users. The whole difficulty lies in financial transfers.

OnlyFans is a content subscription service. Authors earn on donations, which are listed by subscribers. Despite the fact that most of the content is intended only for adults, among the users come across musicians, coaches, artists and sports instructors.