Only a natural disaster can re-postpone Cyberpunk 2077s release – CDPR

cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is clearly the most anticipated game of 2020. The game has been in development for 7 years now and the release date has been postponed several times over the last couple of years. It has finally gone gold and is set to release on 19th November.

When a game goes gold, it means that the developers of that game have finished working on the game and now they are fine-tuning the game for removing the bugs and making sure if the game is not missing out on something.

However, there still remains a fine chance that the game might get postpone again if something unexpected comes up in the process. This chance now has been completely eliminated as the Japanese localization staff has denied the rumors of the re-postponement of Cyberpunk 2077 via a tweet.

The tweet reads:

As long as it is mastered and production has started, there can be no other postponement than a natural disaster. The development team continues to work hard to make the game better.

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