One of the toughest MMORPGs wants to start on Steam in March, invites you to the beta again

mortal online 2 beta test

The hardcore MMORPG Mortal Online 2 will enter the Early Access phase via Steam in March 2021. But first, you still have a chance to take part in the beta.

What is Mortal Online 2? The successor to one of the toughest MMORPGs relies on PvP battles and territorial wars again. Mortal Online, released in 2010, made a name for itself due to unfair fights and full loot.

Part 2 wants to hit the same line, but not be quite as unfair. So unreasonable attacks on players should be punished. In addition, PvE now plays a bigger role.

When will the release take place? Mortal Online 2 will go into the Early Access phase in March 2021. You can then play on Steam. The release is fixed according to the developers. An exact date will be announced.

What does this mean for the beta? The closed beta of Mortal Online 2 is currently still taking place. This will not be extended because the early access release has now been determined. That means: If you want to watch Mortal Online 2 before the start of the EA phase, you will now have another opportunity to get involved in the beta.

More testers are accepted. However, places are limited. You can register via the official website of the MMORPG and with a little luck, you will get access. You can then watch the closed beta.

Who is Mortal Online 2 for? The MMORPG is clearly aimed at PvP players. Even if PvE plays a role, the focus is on player versus player battles.

Basically you have to expect attacks and assaults from your fellow players all the time and everywhere.

Mortal Online 2 can already convince visually thanks to the Unreal Engine. The landscapes appear atmospheric and rich in detail. The fights also look exciting and offer a lot of action.

There are even survival elements. You have to look for raw materials in the world, which you can turn into useful items with the crafting system. It is even possible to set up a camp, but you have to defend it against enemies.

If you are looking for quests and a sophisticated story in an MMORPG, then Mortal Online 2 might not be your next favorite game.

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