NVidia is hiring developers for a next-gen console tool

It’s the return of the rumor concerning the successor of the Nintendo Switch, today it is a job offer relating to the development of a chip for console at Nvidia which causes the madness of the Internet.

As you probably know, NVidia is a company developing graphics chipsets for computers, with its range of GTX/RTX graphics cards. But also for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch with its range of Tegra processors.

With rumors growing and the company allegedly pressuring Nintendo to produce its Tegra chips dating back to 2015, the world is looking to the green graphics power giant and watching its every move closely. about a successor to the Nintendo Switch. Playstation and Xbox instead work with AMD, Nvidia’s direct competitor.

With more and more recent games being ported to Nitnendo Switch and the massive adoption of 4K, Nintendo’s console is under the spotlight regarding its potential evolutions and the technical limitations that are growing over time.
Rumors were rare in recent months, where we heard about a potential chip integrating DLSS technology to increase the fluidity of games on an upcoming revision of the console.

However with a recent hack followed by a leak of internal documents from NVidia, we had information on a potential new Nintendo Switch whose graphics chip codename is “nvn”, followed by the presence in places of some “nvn2”:

This information added to the recent job offer on Linkedin could be an additional clue to the development of a future chip, Nintendo carefully studying how to make the transition to its next console.