New trailer with insights into the matchday experience

from Maximilian Hohm
EA has released a new trailer for FIFA 23, which focuses on the matchday experiences and shows what’s new compared to previous parts. Above all, FIFA 23 should live from its good graphics and at the same time give the players an easy entry into the trainer mode and enable new customizations. Read more about this below.

Every year a new FIFA title comes onto game consoles and PCs. With the release of the next FIFA title fast approaching, EA has now shared more details in the form of a new trailer showcasing the matchday experiences. In the current part, a large focus was placed on the graphics, which should now be as realistic as possible. Fab Muoio, one of the FIFA presentation producers, connects this with the hardware of the new consoles.

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This should make it possible in FIFA 23 Depict a realistic change in the turf on the pitch that changes dynamically and is dependent on the player’s actions. The shadows are also said to have been specially reworked so that the flying ball and the players on the field appear more connected and are not moved lifelessly on a surface. This should make the immersion for the players even better than before.

The trainer mode has been revised compared to FIFA 22 so that newcomers can also find their way around it, while the goal nets are rendered in 3D for the first time and thus stand out from all predecessors. Players can even set their own sound to play when a goal is scored in FIFA 23. FIFA 23 is scheduled to launch on September 30th and will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. A legacy edition for Nintendo’s Switch is expected later.

Source: Wccftech