New details on the third mysterious expansion for Assassins Creed Valhalla

Blogger/Youtuber j0nathan shared another piece of information about the mythological addition after the “Siege of Paris”, which will be released in 2022. Although he has some weight after his some correct leaks, I still ask you to treat such information with a grain of salt.

In his last video, he stated that he was digging through the files again and found a list of skills that Odin will have in these add-ons. Apparently Eyvor will once again plunge into the memories of Odin and there we will again play for him. Here is a list of his skills:

1. Freeze / Ignite your own weapon for extra damage

2. Enchantment of magma, jotun and muspel (judging by the auto-translation of what Jonathan said, this is an analogue of social stealth in mythological worlds in order to penetrate the forbidden zones)

3. Teleportation (as in Shadow of Mordor)

4. Transformation into a crow.

The video contains screenshots of how it will look:

This is a rough visualization of how all this will look in the game.

I will also add that a couple of days ago the official Assassins Creed account teased the fact that in the new update one-handed swords will be added, such as: