Netflix and Amazon emancipate themselves from the small screen by organizing special screenings

Netflix and Amazon emancipate themselves from the small screen by organizing special screenings

Symbol of their ever-growing importance in the film industry, Netflix and Prime Video are emancipating themselves from the small screen and investing in dark rooms. What makes cringe in the middle.

Netflix intended to organize a festival during which several of his feature films (Don’t Look Up with Leonardo DiCaprio, The Hand of God by Paolo Sorrentino…) would have been shown in MK2 and Utopia cinemas all over France. But in the face of the outcry cinema professionals who saw it as a departure from the chronology of the media, the platform downsized. Of the “Netflix Film Club”, there is only one series of screenings left at La Cinémathèque française in Paris and perhaps at L’Institut Lumière in Lyon from December 7 to 13.

For its part, Amazon announced this week the holding from December 10 to 12 of the “Prime Video Club” at 30 place de la Madeleine, in Paris. This event “Will offer visitors the possibility of reserving their own private screening room inside the place in order to discover or rediscover their favorite films and series [présents sur la plateforme]. » Visitors will also be able to participate in a dubbing workshop – we hope it will not be hosted by Alexa – and Amazon will take the opportunity to preview major releases, including Spencer, a film about Lady Diana with Kristen Stewart. The full program will be unveiled on November 29 at the site of the event.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + (but not Apple TV + according to the latest news) now have obligations to finance French cinema, in return for which they should be able to benefit from a shortened broadcast time after theatrical release, but negotiations trample. Canal +, which wants to keep its lead on platforms, plans according to Le Figaro to split its offer in two, with sport on one side and cinema on the other, which could halve its investments in the seventh art. Unless it’s a new bluff?


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