Nacon and Spiders Announce GreedFall 2 for 2024 – News

As a reminder, Nacon had taken care to acquire the license rights from Focus Entertainment so that this creation would go to the Parisian studio Spiders, which has been part of the Nacon family since September 2019 and is currently completing the development of the new Steelrising license.

Continuing the approach started on the first opus, GreedFall 2 is an RPG which particularly values ​​choices and narration but which offers a new more tactical combat gameplay, while reconnecting with the unique universe created for its predecessor.“, explains the press release. Chronologically, Greed Fall 2 will actually take place three years before the events of the first part, in which the noble De Sardet embarked to discover the secrets of the island of Teer Fradee and in particular to find a cure for the malichor which got the better of his mother.

Greed Fall 2, he will have for protagonist a native of Teer Fradee torn from his island by force to be taken to the continent of Gacane, the land of the settlers. The reverse situation of the first part, therefore, but also a very different objective since the player will aim to regain his freedom in this world bruised by war, malichor and the good old political conspiracies of the different factions.

While we worked on Steelrising, the love for the GreedFall universe never left us, and it is with great pleasure that we return to it. In this new opus, players will discover the old continent with more varied and vast landscapes, they will meet new companions and new factions, and I hope that they will live memorable adventures there.“, comments Jehanne Rousseau, founder and director of the Spiders studio.