myTube: Ongoing Google audit is currently causing numerous problems

Since its initial release, myTube has been considered the flagship app for YouTube when it comes to modern Windows apps. Version 4.0 was released more than a year ago, version 4.1 is still in the works and, in addition to an adapted design for Windows 11, should also have the integration of SponsorBlock. However, the app has been struggling with many problems for some time. What’s actually going on?

Someone recently contacted us via Twitter with the question, and the comments in the Microsoft Store and the developer messages in the app are also evidence of quite a bit of frustration, while there has been no notification on the social channels in the past few months. The list of currently existing problems is long and unfortunately also affects central functions. Among other things, the search is currently not working and various lists or comments are not displayed. That’s why I got stuck behind it and found what I was looking for on the official Discord server.

On April 28, the developers published a corresponding message and justified the problems with a severe restriction by Google when accessing the corresponding YouTube API, which is why you can’t use myTube properly at the moment if you don’t have your own API key. Google is currently conducting a comprehensive audit of the app and full functionality will – if – only be possible again after the audit has been completed. The app had to endure a similar process in 2020.

Normal conditions should be restored as soon as possible, but no one can currently say how long this will take. In the meantime, the developers want to work on an update that will improve the scraping of information about the actual YouTube page to mitigate the impact. The same procedure is also used by the NewPipe app, which is popular on Android.

In addition, various errors when logging in with new API keys should be fixed. It is not yet known when the update or the upcoming version 4.1 will be released for everyone.

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