Mundfish officially confirms Atomic Heart 2 even before the release of the first part


The staff of the Moscow studio announced that they are going to work on the second part of Atomic Heart on their Discord channel. According to them, they want to further develop this universe, and they gathered a team and worked out the setting, not in order to stop at one game.

ATTENTION: Atomic Heart 2 is officially confirmed! (And this is pretty much not a joke). Sorry for the overwhelming pathos, but we founded Mundfish as a lifelong endeavour. We are not just gathering a team of developers, but a proper family of like-minded people for years to come.

What will it be? Well… In the first volume there is a subtle secret. There is a layer in the story that most players will not give any attention to, and which will unfold in full force only in the sequel. You might already start asking the right questions if you watch the June 13th E3 trailer very carefully. Something there looks strange even for our unusual setting…

atomic heart 2 confirmed

The details of the sequel in Mundfish were not disclosed, but they noted that in the plot of Atomic Heart they will hint at a sequel, and some details can be seen in the already released trailer.

Also in the Q&A block, the studio staff noted that the first Atomic Heart is not horror, but it will contain certain elements of this genre. According to them, each chapter in the story campaign will be different in mood and atmosphere, so there will be creepy fragments that the developers themselves compare to Ravenholm from Half-Life 2.

mundfish confirms atomic heart 2

There is no exact release date for the first Atomic Heart at the moment, but earlier in Mundfish claimed that “it will not be long to wait.”

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