Multiplayer in Batman: Arkham Origins was never closed. It was working all this time

how to play multiplayer in batman arkham origins

In 2016, players discovered that the servers for Batman: Arkham Origins were shutting down, and it appeared that the multiplayer mode would never return.

It turns out, the multiplayer mode was never actually removed from the game. It was working all this time.

This was revealed when players found that the server’s SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate had recently expired, but the servers had never been shut down. The “bug” that happened while attempting to enter multiplayer mode turned out to be ridiculously simple to repair.

How to fix

To play multiplayer in Batman: Arkham Origins all you had to do was to navigate to this below location:

\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\Online\BmGame\Config

After that, open the DefaultWBIDVars.ini file using the notepad and in the first line BaseUrl = “” remove the letter “s” from “https”. So that in the end it would look like this:

BaseUrl = “”

It all comes down to a single letter. According to certain posts, no special changes or additions to the game were made or written, and no new content was added. Skins has previously been unlocked by mods. The multiplayer mode, on the other hand, was only recently discovered.

If you are not the host, though, you will have trouble engaging with other players. If you’re the only one who boots during a (private match), there is a chance, you will get an error.