How to find a Rock Lizard in Monster Hunter Rise

monster hunter rise how to find rock lizard

There are a variety of smaller monsters to be found wandering around Monster Hunter Rise. These small animals are considered as endemic life, and if you come across them during your journeys, they can provide you with valuable buffs or support. A Rock Lizard is a versatile piece of endemic life that can be found in the Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, and Flooded Forest.

This is how a Rock Lizard appears. It would most likely be seen gradually creeping throughout the field.

Rock Lizard in Monster Hunter Rise location

How to find a Rock Lizard in Monster Hunter Rise

You can find a Rock Lizard in Monster Hunter Rise by descending the hill from the starting site and then entering the ravine on your left. You can easily spot it as the Rock Lizard’s unique pigment certainly stands out when you visit the area.

How to find a Rock Lizard in Monster Hunter Rise

It doesn’t run that fast, and as you get close to it, it stops. When you encounter this little beast, engage with it to take off a few of the materials which it is holding over its back, granting you accessibility to a few goods. It’s not a lot, but it’s a nice discovery if you’re walking around in the midst of a quest and come across one.

The use of this Rock Lizard is that there are quests in the game that require you to find a Rock Lizard and take its photo and deliver it. So once you find it quickly snap a picture of it and complete the quest. Simple isn’t it.

Also, note that there might be other numerous locations where you can find the Rock Lizard. We only know this one so far. If you come across any other location of Rock Lizard in Monster Hunter Rise then do tell us below in the comment section below to aid other gamers that read this article.

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