Minecraft Dungeons: This is how local co-op works

Despite online gaming, so-called couch co-op sessions have seen strong popularity again in recent years. Minecraft Dungeons also supports this mode and we summarize everything you need to know.

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Local co-op sessions are very popular in Minecraft dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons: All information about the local co-op mode

Cooperative sessions over the Internet have long since become the standard. But playing together on a device in the same room is still very popular. In Minecraft Dungeons this can also be implemented:
  • The start of the local co-op mode is not very obvious at first: One player starts an offline game, then the second player has to push the analog stick to the left on his controller. This is how he enters the session.
  • The local co-op mode, like the online mode, is accessible for up to four participants.
  • We have explained the distribution of loot in multiplayer mode in more detail here.
Important: On the PC, too, both players a controller because the combination of mouse + keyboard and controller is not supported.

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