Microsoft pulls “Argentinean” Xbox Game Pass subscriptions

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners have begun receiving subscription cancellation notices. The letter states that it was acquired illegally.

Players all over the world have faced this situation. Console users receive refund and reset notifications for Xbox Game Pass. The cancellation is due to a violation of Microsoft policies when purchasing the service. Most users note that subscriptions purchased for 2-3 years have been reset, but there are also complaints with purchases for 12 months.


When asked about the reasons for the cancellation, technical support notes that complaints are massive. According to some users, contacting support can solve the problem and return the subscription. Some Microsoft employees claim that there was a failure and everything will be restored within a couple of days.

There is a possibility that players who purchased a subscription under more favorable conditions through the 14-day card conversion scheme fell under the cancellation.

According to the observations of our editors, the method of converting Xbox Game Pass through EA Play continues to work at the moment.