Microsoft Ignite from November 2nd to 4th with a lot of 11 on the agenda

Like all major conferences, Microsoft Ignite was forced into a new format by the corona pandemic. Not only does it take place purely digitally, it has also been divided into two parts. The first part took place in March 2021, and the second round will take place from November 2 to 4, 2021. We also find some Windows topics on the freshly published agenda.

When the Ignite starts, Windows 11 won’t even be a month old, so it’s still a hot topic. Nevertheless, I did not expect it to appear on the agenda too often, because it is now well known why Windows 11 came onto the market right now: The sale of new PCs in the Christmas business is to be boosted.

Windows 11 will of course also play a role for business customers sooner or later. That’s why there’s a session at Ignite called “11 things you should know about Windows 11”, also gives administrators tips on how to Roll out and manage Windows 11. In a presumably rather marketinglastigen Session Intel and Microsoft demonstrate their apparently newfound love for each other, and finally the participants learn why Windows 11 is for the hybrid working world as it is made (or at least why Microsoft sees it that way).

In total you get around 30 hits if you use the Session-Katalog searched for Windows 11. “Superstar” with almost 80 sessions is – how could it be otherwise – of course still Microsoft Teams. I definitely want the talk on that Connection of teams and AltspaceVR look, I’ve had that on my agenda for a long time.

The Ignite is aimed at IT pros and business customers. Due to the digital format, participation is basically open to all curious people who want to continue their education. If you look at the Eventseite registered, you can put together your own personal timetable. Some sessions are available on demand, so are not tied to any time, with others you have to pay attention to the time zone.