Microsoft Edge: Close the tab with a double click

If you have several tabs open in Microsoft Edge, there are various ways to close them. Be it the small cross, the context menu or the middle mouse button. But now there is another variant: the double-click.

This function had been planned for almost two years and now it is gradually being introduced. The function itself can be found in Settings -> Accessibility and is set to “Off” by default. So if you don’t always want to click the small cross when pushing the mouse, you can activate the function. You can then close a tab (no matter where you click) with a double-click without restarting.

It’s definitely something to get used to. But for the accessibility in the browser definitely an enrichment. The function itself is currently being tested in the canary and will certainly be integrated into the other versions over time. Here’s a little animation.

All Microsoft Edge downloads also insiders:

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