MAFIA 4: Everything we know about the continuation of the iconic series to date

MAFIA 4 everything we know

Today we already know that a few years ago, Hangar 13 was working on its own original IP, codenamed “Rhapsody”. Ultimately this game was canceled and, as we know, then the development team turned their attention to a full-fledged remake of the very first “Mafia” known as Mafia: Definitive Edition.

The Czech branch of the Eurogamer portal, in its news item regarding the canceled Rhapsody, made an unexpected announcement back in 2020. According to the author of the article, right after the failed spy thriller was finally buried, the team with full force began to create Mafia IV, a full-fledged sequel to the series, which will supposedly take place in Las Vegas of the 70s. Eurogamer did not use standard “rumored” wording but presented the information as one hundred percent fact.

Another curious moment is the personality of the author of the material, Jan Doskocil. It was this person who, back in 2012, long before all other sources, revealed the existence of the then-created Mafia III, which suggests that the journalist has certain connections within 2K Czech.

And just the other day, a user of the Reddit forum with the nickname BIGgunSMALLone published a possible plot of the story of the next part of the cult series of Mafia games. According to the Redditor, one of his relatives works for the Canadian branch of the ESPR agency, which assigns age ratings to games.

mafia 4 los angeles

For the first time in the series, we can be given to play as two heroes. The first of these, Hayne is a corrupt police officer in the city of St. Fortune (Las Vegas) who is involved in a gambling fraud at the beginning of the game.

The second protagonist is a judge in the already familiar Lost Haven, whose missions will be trials of bandits, while the time period from the 40s to the 80s will be affected.

It goes without saying, there are no official statements yet, but one thing can be said for sure – now Hangar 13 is poring over the new Mafia. After a successful remake of the original part, the developers are obliged to produce a decent game.