Lost Judgment – „School Stories”-Expansion-Pack vorgestellt

Lost Judgment - „School Stories"-Expansion-Pack vorgestellt

SEGA provides the second additional content for today Lost Judgment before that „School Stories“-Expansion-Pack, which is available immediately.

That „School Stories“-Expansion-Pack again includes content that deepens the interactions between the players and the schools’ clubs. These can now be used in the boxing ring Yagamis Partners fight, satisfy their need for speed with a new motorcycle from the Bike Gang and a new street circuit, show off a new costume and dance steps in the dance team and create a new robot in the robotics club to dominate the competition.

That „School Stories“-Expansion-Pack it also enables Yagamis new style of boxing, known as “Fists of Might,” which allows players to use their fighting skills to pound punks into the ground.

The story expansion will follow in spring 2022 for those who have pre-ordered the “Digital Ultimate” edition “The Kaito Files”, which includes an additional story mode with Yagami’s partner Masaharu Kaito.

The DLC content is available either separately or through the Season Pass, including the „School Stories“-Expansion-Pack.