Lost Ark – Iconic Director Keum Kang Seong Hyung Forced To Leave Lost Ark Development Team

Considered one of the main architects of the success of Lost Ark, Keum Kang Seong Hyung is very popular with South Korean players. He nevertheless suffered from serious health problems and was forced to leave his position as global director.

In the West, Keum Kang Seong Hyung’s name is relatively unknown – he is best known by his pseudonym. Gold River and his role as global director of Lost Ark. In South Korea, Keum Kang Seong Hyung is nevertheless an emblematic figure of the MMORPG industry, in particular because he is considered one of the main architects of the success of Lost Ark at SmileGate. It was he who shaped the redesign of the MMORPG (the “Season 2”) which helped give a second wind to Lost Ark and led to a steady increase in the number of players – while the trend is rather the opposite for good number of MMORPGs.
Beyond the figures, South Korean players are particularly attached to Keum Kang Seong Hyung, in particular because of his attentiveness and his closeness to the community – we remember that local players are quick to salute his action.

Last Friday as part of a stream, then on the official forums, Keum Kang Seong Hyung has nevertheless announced his departure from the development team of Lost Ark: obviously suffering from serious health problems, he indicates that he no longer has the strength to carry out his duties. He would be sick for a long time and was obviously already hospitalized at the end of last year, during the last community convention of Lost Ark (he would have left the hospital only a few hours to participate in the event, under painkillers, and an ambulance had been planned in the event that it would have been necessary to provide him with emergency care).

Between the progression of the disease and the stress of his duties, he thus indicates that the Elgacia update (which should mark a turning point in the operation of Lost Ark) will probably be the last one he will wear as game director. “I thought I was mentally strong, but between the stress, the pressure and the feeling of loneliness, I think I should have slowed down more: my health has deteriorated, but I don’t regret it (… ), with ten years of hindsight, it is good to leave good memories”. He assures that Lost Ark remains in good hands and that the exploitation of the MMORPG will continue: “don’t worry too much, there are a lot of great people (in the development team of Lost Ark) and we will soon be able to give news on the future”.

Obviously, the announcement arouses a strong wave of emotion among the players and obviously also among the other members of the development team of Lost Ark. On the official forums, the players are mobilizing in particular for a tribute to be paid to Keum Kang Seong Hyung in the universe of Lost Ark – some evoke for example a statue or an NPC in the image of the director in the world of Arkesia, where players could gather.