List of all new mini-games added in Fall Guys Season 2

fall guys season 2 mini games

The craze of Fall Guys is not going to die anytime soon. And as Mediatonic teased, this new season brings a whole ton of medieval-themed costumes, rounds, game modes, and of course the mini-games. This season features a total of 4 new fun mini-games into the game. And what are those? check out below.

1. Knights Fever

fall guys season 2 mini games
Courtesy: Windows Central

Knight Fever is a new race that is possibly the most treacherous and difficult to date. Loaded with medieval obstacles, including the life-threatening THICC BONKUS. Dodge the obstacles and your fellow Fall Guys and you might just make it to the finish line in one piece.

2. Wall Guys

fall guys season 2 mini games

Wall Guys introduces a new mechanic that has not been seen in any mini-game before. Players must form short term alliances with each other and move blocks against a wall in order to climb it. Shatter fragile alliances as you climb over each other (and over the walls) to victory.

3. Egg Siege

fall guys season 2 mini games

Egg Siege takes the beloved Egg Scramble mini-game (cough) and remixes it. In addition to dodging other beans, you’ll have to deal with scythes, ramps, and drawbridges.

4. Hoopsie Legends

list on new mini games in fall guys season 2

Hoopsie Legends reimagines Hoopsie Daisy with a medieval coat of paint. Dive off the drawbridges and through the hoops to earn points.

Source: Windowscentral

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