Lisa Jackson talks about sustainability and respect for the environment

Lisa JAckson

Lisa Jackson has been the face of Apple for years when it comes to sustainability and respect for the environment. In a new microphone interview with Jane Goodall, the executive talked about Apple’s sustainability initiatives.

The Cupertino company has always shown great attention to the environment, working hard for an increasingly green future. Lisa Jackson underlined how this commitment, which has always been a focal point for Apple, has always become at the center of production policies in recent years. However, the company has decided to accelerate its sustainability initiatives in order not to waste precious time. In 2020, Apple reached its zero emissions goal, making the most of clean energy.

Lisa Jackson hopes that Apple’s commitment and achievements will be of great inspiration to other companies:

Apple has a responsibility to show other companies what can be done, with a positive impact on profits and number of customers as well. We have over a hundred companies that are committed to using 100% clean energy just like Apple. And they are all our suppliers.

Lisa Jackson, however, stressed how important social justice is to address the challenge of sustainability. According to the executive, everyone must be able to take part in this great project, a project that will mark the future of our planet and that should not leave anyone behind.