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On June 17, LeTV Video announced to update the APP icon, with 7 words added at the bottom: “Singing wild child is still young”

The official copy wrote: “Six years have passed, and we have not forgotten the song “Wild Son”, nor the glory of that time. The rain beats the wind, and the long song moves forward. Because we have dreams in our hearts, we will always be young. “

Netizens ridiculed LeTV for “not forgetting Mr. Jia”, and LeTV’s video responded: “What I don’t forget is the hard-working and proud self.[奋斗]original intention”

“Wild Son” is one of Jia Yueting’s favorite songs.At the 2016 LeTV annual meeting, Jia Yueting sang “Wild Son”. Although it was a fake singing, it still pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

However, not long after Jia Yueting finished singing “Wild Son”, LeTV’s capital chain broke. He left the United States and has not returned so far, and redefines “returning to China next week”.

LeTV Video APP icon update: added 7 words Jia Yueting called the expert

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