LEGO reveals 8 new characters and the release date of the LEGO Peach pack

With an almost 2-year collaboration, LEGO and Nintendo continue to offer new pieces to add to your brick collection.

It is on the occasion of the LEGO CON which took place at the end of the day on June 18 that the future of the brick brand was unveiled to the general public. During this event, a segment dedicated to Super Mario allowed us to discover the future character set, the 5th to date.

This new set will allow you to get your hands on iconic characters like the purple Toad, a blue Maskass, a red Yoshi, a Marto brother, Magikoopa (Yoshi’s Island), Carottin, Dendinard (squirrel from NSMB) and Baby Yoshi.

Each character of the set is of course compatible with the mini-games of the complete Mario set and will be delivered with a small structure allowing to emphasize them. Each pack is priced at $5.99 and they will all be available from August 1, 2022.

In parallel, the LEGO Peach set announced on MAR10 Day earlier in the year will also be available on the same date, the latter including a new game circuit available at $60, Goomba shoes at $10, a circuit Fuzzy has $20, Yoshi’s house for $30, Peach cat and the frozen tower for $80 and Peach’s castle for $130