JWE 2: Let dinosaurs win and lose fights

In some modes, Jurassic World Evolution 2 pretends to let dinosaurs fight against each other. Not only in the monthly challenges, but also to unlock certain research nodes. So no matter how fond of animals you are, you will have to let your dinosaurs fight.

Choosing the right dinosaurs for fights

Whether or not dinosaurs fight each other has a lot to do with them properties to do that they get when they hatch. Accordingly, you can adapt the genomes of your animals so that they fight less with each other. You can also influence whether they would survive a fight. The following genetic modifications have a direct effect on fights:

  • Defense: Increases the chance of a more resilient skin and thus of survival.
  • Attack: Increases the chance that your dinosaur will grow strong and win the fight.
  • Conviviality: If the bar is red, there is a higher chance that a dinosaur will feel uncomfortable even among other members of its own species and start a fight.
  • Tolerance: If the bar is red, there is a higher chance that a dinosaur will feel uncomfortable with other species and start a fight.

There are dinosaurs that already have these properties. Especially if you haven’t explored their genomes 100%. Do you have such dinosaurs, then build an enclosure in which the fight should take place and transports them there. You have to pay attention to this:

  • Best should the two dinosaurs don’t like each other. This means that if you place them together in an enclosure, you will get a warning about cohabitation.
  • You can start a fight easily if you a carnivore versus a herbivore line up.
  • It is not enough to keep the comfort of the animals low. If they’re not aggressive enough, they don’t necessarily fight each other. and more likely to break out of the enclosuresinstead of attacking each other.

Keeping the loser of the fight alive

It’s much easier to own a dinosaur that has won a few fights. It is more difficult to keep alive one who has lost several fights. The probability that this dinosaur will die is higher. To prevent this from happening, you have two options:

  1. Stuns the dinosaurwho won the fight and take care of healing the loser.
  2. Quickly draw a fence between the two opponents and then take care of the healing of the injured animal.

Once you have healed the loser’s injuries, you can let the dinosaurs go back into battle. Repeat this until you have met the requirements. This is the case, for example, if the loser has three lost fights in his statistics.

View battle statistics

To see how many fights a dinosaur has lost or won, you have to click on it. Then choose the last tab in the info window. All information about the dinosaur is displayed here. Among other things, the number of fights won and lost.

Battle statistics of a raptor in Jurassic World Evolution 2
Here you can see how many fights your dinosaur has won or lost. In this case, the dinosaur is even called malicious because it killed many other animals.

You can also see here how high the attack and the defense of the dinosaur is. All of these values ​​can tell you a lot about the possible course of a fight. Most of the time you don’t need to do such great science. To unlock research nodes, it is sufficient if you observe the points mentioned above.

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