Jamf turns physical access badges into virtual badges in the Cards app

Turning the iPhone into a wallet also involves integrating corporate badges into the Cards app. Jamf has developed a new application called Jamf Unlock, which makes it easy to identify yourself at the door of the box or in the office elevator, thanks to a virtual badge stored in Cards (formerly Wallet).

The specialist in the deployment of Mac and iOS devices in business worked with Apple to develop this function. It is based on the manufacturer’s developments for Apple Pay and PassKit (unveiled during the WWDC 2021), as well as this SDKs designed by HID.

To be able to use their virtual badge, the employee must authenticate with their corporate account credentials via Touch ID, Face ID or the iPhone unlock code. It works with Okta, Jamf’s in-house solution, but the feature also supports Azure AD and other platforms.

As a bonus, the badge can be personalized in the colors of the company. Currently, only Jamf’s approximately 2,300 employees have access to this solution, but it will eventually be offered to all companies deploying iPhones using Jamf’s technology.

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