It is reported that Jingdong will dismantle the Jingxi business group, and Jingxi Pinpin will be merged into the retail business – yqqlm

IT House news on June 17, according to 36氪-Future Consumer Report, recently, a new round of organizational structure adjustment is underway within Jingxi business group under the Jingdong Retail Group will be dismantled within this month, and the original business line is expected to be integrated into other business groups with similar businesses before the end of June. Among them, Jingxi App, Jingxitong (formerly Jingdong New Channel), and Jingxi Pinpin will be merged into Jingdong Retail. Prior to the merger, the Jingxi business group will undergo a series of personnel and business optimizations.

According to the report, this is the second large group of Jingdong’s original seven business groups to be dismantled. Previously, in March, the retail V business group was also split and reorganized. The adjustment of the Jingxi business group will be carried out in batches.At present, the business adjustment of Jingxi Pinpin has been completed, and only part of the business in Beijing and Zhengzhou has been retained..

According to the data, Jingxi Pinpin was launched in January 2021. It is a community shopping platform under the Jingdong Group and plans to enter the sinking market across the country. Jingxi Pinpin covered more than 20 provinces at most. In March this year, it shrunk to Beijing, Shandong, Henan, and Hubei, and now it has shrunk to the second city again.

IT House learned that will pilot the food delivery business in the near future. Xin Lijun, CEO of Retail, confirmed the news. At present, the team has piloted in Zhengzhou and other cities, and has launched JD Takeaway with catering merchants.

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