Isolation and Total War introduced the multiplayer shooter Hyenas

Creative Assembly is preparing a multiplayer first-person shooter Hyenas. The game is published by SEGA and the target platforms are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

The action of the novelty takes place in the future. The earth is doomed, and the richest people on the planet have moved to Mars. The rest live in gigantic orbital slums. The most courageous rob billionaires, taking away expensive artifacts from them. Such daredevils are called “hyenas”.

The developers describe their creation as a dynamic “PvEEEvP shooter” in which battles take place, including in zero gravity. Buyers expect heroes with unique abilities and collectibles that need to be taken away from under the noses of the other team, and then escape from the battlefield.

In the near future, the authors are going to conduct alpha testing. Registration for it is open on the official website. The first trailer and screenshots of the ambitious project from the developers of Alien: Isolation and Total War can be viewed below.

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