Is the game running on my PC? The Xbox app will show it going forward

With the current update of the Xbox app for Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft is introducing a performance indicator that shows whether a game is likely to run smoothly on your own PC – or not.

The indicator goes beyond a comparison with the usual “minimum requirements”. You want to gain experience of how well a game runs on different system configurations in order to show other players with similarly equipped PCs a corresponding indication.

The following screenshot shows an example: “Plays well on similar PCs” means that you can assume that you can play this game on your own PC. Unfortunately, Microsoft reveals in the Xbox update blog post not what other classifications there are. In the event of negative information, however, it should be possible to look at the system requirements and check where improvements need to be made.

Xbox App for Windows

Because the new indicator is based on the collection of empirical values, it can initially only be seen for individual games and will gradually spread over the entire catalog over time. The more popular a game is, the more meaningful the function is accordingly.

In addition, the navigation has been adjusted with the update, everything now takes place in the left bar. The search now also finds games from EA Play and Ubisoft Connect, and you can always keep an eye on ongoing downloads by displaying the queue at the bottom left.

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