iOS 16 beta 2 re-sends edited messages to users using previous versions of iOS

One of the new features in iOS 16 is the ability to edit and unsend messages in iMessage. However, these features are not compatible with previous firmware, which means that changes made to messages are not visible on devices running iOS 15. In the second beta version of iOS 16, Apple seems to have decided to fix this.

Users using the latest developer beta of iOS 16, which released on Wednesday, noticed that Apple has changed the behavior of edited messages for devices running previous versions of iOS.

Now, when a user edits a message sent via iMessage on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16, other users get a new version of that message marked “Edited”. Sure, it’s not as seamless as when both users are running iOS 16 (because the app replaces the old message with the new one), but it’s better than not getting the edited message at all.

Unfortunately, at least for now, Apple hasn’t found a way to delete messages from devices running iOS 15 or earlier. This means that even if you delete a message on a device running iOS 16, it will still be available to iMessage users who haven’t updated their devices to the latest version of the operating system.

How to edit and undo messages in iOS 16

Those who have already installed the iOS 16 beta on their Apple devices can edit and unsend iMessages by long-pressing on a message in the Messages app. However, these options are only available for 15 minutes after the message has been sent. After that, you will no longer be able to edit or delete this message.

This option has also led to some controversy, as some users feel that iMessage should provide a history of edited and deleted messages to protect against abuse. However, at least for now, Apple hasn’t revealed any plans to implement this capability.

After editing or deleting a message, other users with devices on iOS 16 receive notifications about changes in messages.

Learn more about iOS 16 beta

iOS 16 beta 2 is currently only available for developers. According to Apple, the first public beta will be released in July, with an official release expected this fall.

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