In the future, Rainbow Six Siege will change so much that it can be called Siege 2 – Ubisoft

And therefore the developers do not want to take on a full-fledged sequel.

Team shooter Rainbow Six Siege was released in 2015 and Ubisoft continues to develop it with new maps, operators, events and esports tournaments.

Given the age of the game, many players are wondering if the company does not intend to update the technical basis within Conditional sequel as, for example, makes a Blizzard Overwatch 2. As explained by creative director Leroy Atanassoff, this is not worth the wait.

Siege is constantly evolving as a game. In the future, the game will be so different from the current version that it can be called Siege 2. We believe we can make changes in stages on an ongoing basis. If we were to tackle Siege 2, it would be a new game with a new setting, and most likely a new team. In our opinion, this is not what the community needs. We value our investment in this game and we don’t want to take on a new one.

Leroy Athanassoff creative director

Ubisoft doesn’t mind developing the franchise with spin-offs. Co-op Rainbow Six Extraction was supposed to be released in September, but amid lukewarm press reviews after previews, it was postponed to January.

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