In a nutshell: Meet the Microsoft Surface Duo SDK team at DroidCon in Berlin

In around a week, from Wednesday 20th to Friday 23rd October, the German offshoot of the international Android developer conference will take place in Berlin DroidCon instead of.

Microsoft not only appears here as a gold sponsor, but also sends members of the Surface Duo Developer Experience Team. They present both a talk and a workshop on everything to do with Android and dual-screen or foldable devices.

Slots around foldables

Cesar Valiente (Twitter) and Christian Verdes will present a session on the first day of the conference on the topic “Introduction to dual-screen and foldables development“. The same infernal duo held a workshop on the last day of the event with the content around “Enhance your single screen designed-app to make it shine on foldable devices“. Both slots are aimed more at well-founded Android developers than at complete Kotlin and Compose newbies.

I have been in contact with Cesar for a long time via Twitter and other digital communication channels. He is at your side with words and deeds when it comes to the native development of Kotlin apps for the Surface Duo. For general questions about the various SDKs, this is official Microsoft Surface Duo SDK TechNet Forum your point of contact.

The first DroidCon after Corona

After the failures in 2019 and 2021, the event will take place again this year in the CityCube and the local Corona regulations apply. Anyone who cannot be in Berlin or would prefer to watch the event from within their own four walls for pandemic reasons will find relevant recordings promptly

Although all tickets from previous years are still valid, they are also for last-minute travelers Tickets available online from 119 euros.

Who cannot be there

If you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in apps for the Surface Duo, not just for the event, I can either use the official Twitter account @surfaceduodev or the weekly stream of the DX team, which takes place every Friday Twitch recommend.