– Improbable sells Midwinter Entertainment to focus on metaverses

Within the Improbable group, the Midwinter Entertainment studio (Scavengers) was to design games based on SpatialOS technologies. While Improbable focuses on the metaverse, Midwinter is sold to Behavior Interactive.

In recent years, the British group Unlikely had offered itself several development studios whose main mission should have been the design of games based on SpatialOS technologies – this engine signed by Improbable should make it possible to generate real persistent virtual worlds.

Obviously, the mission is complex (more or less all games based on SpatialOS have been abandoned during development or shortly after being launched) and for a few months now, Improbable has sold these development studios.

After Inflection (and its license Nightingale) sold to Tencent last February, Improbable today confirms the sale of Midwinter Entertainment to Behavior Entertainment. For memory, Midwinter notably signed the shooter Scavengers, launched in early access in May of last year, with very relative success. The license remains in the bosom of Improbable, which should dedicate a “small team” to the exploitation of the PC version of the game, while its console port is abandoned.
For their part, the Midwinter teams now have a vocation to tackle a new project in cooperation with Behavior Entertainment.

The amount of the operation is not specified, but is part of the (new) strategy of the Improbable group: to design metaverses. According to the boss of Improbable, Herman Narula, the metaverse is a return to basics: creating online social interactions between individuals and creating value through these social experiences, incidentally without the constraint of game mechanics which could interfere with these interactions. The British group will now be able to devote itself more completely to this vision.